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April 21, 2017

DIGS is the premiere luxury real estate lifestyle magazine serving the most affluent neighborhoods in the South Bay and Westside of Los Angeles, California.

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Oneninth media: just the tip of the iceberg Alex AlexAbad Abad Alex AlexAbad Alex Alex Real RealEstate Estate P A L M R E A L T Y B O U T I Q U E T Through OneNinth Media, Managing Partner and Executive Producer Jason Haffley and his team work to ensure that every client's brand reaches the best audience possible via high-quality videos and strategic media placement. Here, the El Segundo native discusses how he started the production and consulting business, the types of services it offers and more. H ow did you get into the content production business ; what did you do previously? The majority of my career has been spent in small-business management and consulting primarily in the hospitality, entertainment and financial industries. Working in different verticals and markets allowed me not only to recognize those things that are universal in business, but also to see the unique challenges and opportunities that are inherent in every endeavor. At one point, I set out to develop a new-media platform, a sort of 'Pandora' for videos. The idea was to create a lifestyle portal featuring music by independent artists coupled with innovative imagery. Music videos were our main content, but I knew we also needed to create exclusive, branded content to help bring viewers to our channel. I started reaching out to all the people I knew that were involved with creating video content. As soon as I got my hands on the camera and began filming, I fell in love with the entire process of visual storytelling. H ow did OneNinth Media come about? In late 2012, while asking others for help in developing content for another online startup, I realized that so many of us were having the same conversations about trends in content creation and consumption. We also knew that all brands were trying to improve their online video presence. So, we invited about 10 amazing people together to discuss the idea of starting a digital video production company. Soon after, five of us decided to formalize OneNinth. The idea was to help bring some of our favorite colleagues together to help others with their need for high-quality video production at an affordable price. But, being the collective of socially conscious folks that we are, our real mission was to use our storytelling talents to proliferate positivity. We have a passion for projects of substance and prefer to work on projects that help people and the planet. W hy the name OneNinth? I was struck by the idea that we had been using the phrase 'just the tip of the iceberg' a lot. Instead of pointing to a small visible sign of a larger hidden danger, we were using the phrase to describe unseen opportunity. We were also using it as an analogy to help illustrate the idea that most people don't understand all of the research, strategy and planning that goes into creating the videos and commercials that we see online and on TV. While searching for more information about icebergs and the iceberg theory, I stumbled on the fact that approximately one-ninth of the iceberg is what sticks up and is visible above the water. OneNinth is just the tip of the iceberg. W hat is your area of specialty? OneNinth is a team of creative consultants and strategists mixed with top-tier video production Written by Wendy Bowman

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