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February 21, 2020

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2.21.2020 | DIGS.NET 83 M A R K E T n the midst of the Roaring Twenties a man named William Henry Hobin incorporated his real estate firm, e Hobin Company. For decades, his heirs— first his son, then grandson—ran the Stockton, California, agency. In 2010 his great-granddaughter Molly Hobin Williams took the helm, relocating the firm to Manhattan Beach. At the same time, her mother started a Palm Desert office. "It wasn't even a question," says e Hobin Company's fourth-generation scion of her career choice. She sat for her real estate license at age 17, and had it activated as soon as possible, on her 18th birthday. "I always knew I was going to be in real estate. I was born into it." Hobin Williams spent high school summers working at the family office, and after obtaining a degree from UCLA, she invested 24 years in L.A.'s commercial real estate world. First came more than a decade at Grubb & Ellis, followed by years at Arden Realty, where she was vice president of marketing. Family legacy aside, what personally drew Hobin Williams to the business and keeps her there, much like it did her father, was the thrill of the deal. "I love when I meet with a client, and they tell me ideally what they're looking for," she says, "and then I go find it, and put the deal together—and they're ecstatic." For nearly 40 years Hobin Williams has lived in Manhattan Beach, which is also her firm's main geographic focus. Her clients however, all referrals from friends, family and her commercial real estate days, have her involved in deals stretching from Palos Verdes to Pacific Palisades. "Keeping it small and boutique is really important to us," she says of her firm's high-touch style, a deliberate counter to the dispassionate, numbers-only nature of commercial real estate. "It's much more of an emotional buy when it's your home," Hobin Williams points out. Also in the Manhattan Avenue office is Hobin Williams's husband Tom Williams, who manages the firm's Development Services; essentially, end-to-end management of resi- dential and commercial projects. Rolling with the evolution of real estate has been key to keeping e Hobin Company alive for decades, something Hobin Williams acknowledges. "Our busi- ness is changing," she notes. erefore, she's recently joined forces with Side, a brokerage that offers boutique agencies like e Hobin Company a complete back-end support infrastructure—everything from legal and compliance to marketing—along with an advanced tech platform. "It will now allow us to be selling, and not sitting at our computers," remarks Hobin Williams. Furthermore, the support of the brokerage will enable her to grow her firm while remaining hands-off when it comes to dictating her brand. Locally, e Hobin Company will be part of Bayside Real Estate Part- ners, Side's South Bay division that was founded by local agents and her longtime friends Bryn and Robb Stroyke. "Partnering with Bayside will allow us the opportunity to focus on running our business and expanding our team, as opposed to the day-to-day operations," says Hobin Williams of the move. "It will take us to the next level and free up a lot of my time. And it's going to be fun." In April, Hobin Williams and her husband will have a party to celebrate e Hobin Company's 95 years in real estate. "It's pretty special," she says of the milestone. Even more so with the passing of her father, William Knight Hobin, who ran the firm until her stewardship of the business began in 2010. "He was happy and proud that his daughter took over the company, and that we were very successful right off the bat," she reflects. "More than ever I want to expand our team and keep it going." Here's to another 100. I

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