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December 14, 2012

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2 0 1 3 R E S O L U T I O N S : A R E YO U R S S . M . A . R .T. ? What are S.M.A.R.T. goals? Another year has flown by and it���s time to reflect on the you need a home in move in condition. past and look towards the future. If owning real estate GOALS - Compare your needs to your short term and or upgrading your current home is in your future, some long-term goals. You may desire a 5 bedroom home but SPECIFIC - Goals should not be general. of these tips might get you there a little faster. Many can only afford a 3 bedroom home, however, if you buy example, saying you want to get in shape is very markets have seen a significant adjustment in real estate a home on a big lot you may be able to achieve a future general vs. a specific goal of joining a gym, working prices in the upward direction for the first time in 6 years. goal with your new purchase. out 3 times a week and lose 15 pounds. The 2013 Fiscal cliff certainly may slow the current trend down, however, the lack of inventory in the marketplace combined with a pent up demand is likely to keep prices moving upward. Getting Started For If your goal is to buy a home, define exactly what features FINANCIAL - Get a clear understanding of your and location you want for your home to have and financial health. Understand what your payments will make a list. The more detail the more likely you be, maintenance costs, insurance costs, how much are to find it. Remember to remain flexible based down payment you will need and how much cash on affordability and availability. reserves are required. you���re looking for makes it easier to find. Knowing what CONSULT - Consult with as many experts as you can. Decide - The first thing you must do is decide what you MEASUREABLE - Establish concrete criteria for Speak to your tax attorney and accountant, consult with want to accomplish, making a conscious decision is the measuring the progress. For example I would like a lender about current rates and loan requirements, first step in achieving anything, until you do set a goal to lose 5 pounds a month for 3 months in a row. consult with a Realtor �� about prices, neighborhoods, nothing moves forward. For your home search, a measurable goal would be trends, and availability of property. devote a specific number of days a month on your Plan ��� A detailed plan will increase your chances of TIME LINE - Setting a specific time frame when you want reaching your goals. As it relates to real estate there are 5 to achieve your plan will create motivation and energy elements that should be a part of your plan. ATTAINABLE - If you can put pen to paper and within you and drive you to get to your goals faster. figure out a way to make it happen then it���s likely NEEDS - Identify your personal and family needs. For example you need 3 bedrooms, you need a yard and home search and increase your savings by 10%. attainable. What���s not attainable? Well, saying that I would like to be the Center for the Los Angeles Lakers is certainly not attainable by me, Ed Kaminsky, a 50-year-old real estate agent, the problem��� I am too old, too short, too slow, and not a very good basketball player. REALISTIC - Keep your goals realistic. It���s OK to stretch and reach beyond what you think you���re capable of achieving. However, if your plan is to own your first home saying you want to buy on The Strand is simply not realistic if you don���t have the revenue or aren���t capable of a significant and controllable windfall in the near future. Playing the Powerball lottery is not going to get you to The Strand anytime soon. Stay financially intelligent, know your limits and stay within them. TIMELY - Last, but certainly not least, is being grounded with a time frame for your goals. T can also stand for Tangible. A goal is tangible when you can experience with your senses, that is, touch it, or see it in the case of your new home. When a goal is tangible you have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and thus attainable. In summary, spend a few minutes making a decision and planning and most important EXECUTE on your plan. Think about it daily, talk to your family, your sphere of influence and advisors, and have fun along the way. For an easy to use goal setting chart just email Ed Kaminsky the words ���Goal Chart��� at In this fast paced market, you can���t afford missed opportunities. Call Ed today for the deepest access to the best prospects for huge gains in Real Estate. 2��� SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Ed���s Real Estate Hotline: 310.427.2414

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